The business is owned and managed by directors of Medsugar Company and the Chief Executive Officer and founding member, the JWC International Award winner Dr Moses Murandu, who also owns the trade mark for the sugar therapy.

Dr Murandu has extensive Health Care and Nursing experience which spans back to 1988. He holds a PhD, a general Adult Nurse qualification, a midwife, a Specialist Hepatology (Liver) Practitioner and an advanced wound care Specialist.

Dr Murandu’s vast experience and strong belief in a holistic approach to Health care makes him a very unique Health care practitioner who ensures every patient he comes across has a memorable experience.

He trained in Lesotho and South Africa as a Registered Nurse and Midwife respectively. He went on to work in Cape Town South Africa and helped integrate the once white and mixed race only hospital into a multi-racial institution.

During that period of work Dr Murandu managed to socialise the once racial institution into a vibrant inclusive hospital.

To date Dr Murandu is remembered by many of his colleagues and the surrounding communities for his outstanding care and people person, both patients and their relatives.

He later left South Africa to take up a post in the Liver transplant Unit in the West Midlands UK. It was through his experience working with wounds that he remembered his childhood experience with his father using sugar or salt on him and his siblings’ wounds with excellent results.

Dr Murandu undertook a research into this method that led to the establishment of the idea of setting up a sugar wound clinic. From his research experience patients encouraged him to establish a clinic that would help a wider community of wound sufferers.

Dr Murandu has won several International awards for his research. In 2009 he won the Fondation Le Lous Research Award, 2015 third prize International Journal of Wound care “The Best Research from Developing Country”, 2016 Honoured for his work on wound care in Maluti Adventist College of Nursing in Lesotho, 2017 awarded third prize Journal of Wound Care “Patient Wellbeing, 2017 Awarded first prize Journal of Wound Care “Best research in a Developing Country”.

With all these honours Dr Murandu still remain committed to provide the best patient centred care. He strives to provide his patients with the best experience of a health care service that is individualised and unique.

Most of the patients who have met and treated by Dr Murandu have never stopped expressing the warm encounter they have had with him.