MSWC offers treatment for wounds that are necrotic, painful, smelling as well as those that are clean; under strict infection control procedures that are consistent with the current clinical governance regulations, to prevent and control infections, and treat complications.

The clinic uses wound care products produced by its parent company, Medsugar Limited Company from natural remedies. Our highly qualified specialist staff deliver a clinically effective and safe standard of care which adheres to international best practice.

They offer consultancy ranging from assessing the wounds, reviewing a patient’s clinical history and current treatment and providing an appropriate treatment plan. As part of the treatment plan they will care for the patient and manage their progress; patients will be referred to consultant nurse Dr M Murandu as the occasion arises.

The Medsugar products used also cater for foot care, pressure ulcer care, acute and chronic leg ulcers, cuts and bruises to major surgical wounds.

For those who have compromised mobility and are unable to come to our designated clinic, domiciliary visits are offered in the patient’s home to increase accessibility.

The size, number and complexity of the wound determine the remuneration towards the consultation cost of the treatment. International requests are handled through telemedicine and treatment packages dispensed.